This was an amazing collaboration with some extremely talented people! I had the privilege to work with Hemstitch Vintage Rentals from Pensacola Fl, Love Light Letter Co. from Gainesville, Fl and model Heather Dalton & her boyfriend Eric from Hendersonville, NC! We had been corresponding through text and Messenger mostly before our shoot, and we planned to meet at Black Balsam Knob on the Parkway around 5:00pm this day. On my way, I had lost cell reception in the mountains and my GPS took me to the wrong place, (about 12 miles short of the location.) So, I am driving for miles up and down Blue Ridge Parkway trying to find our location with mostly no signal the entire time. I try calling/texting Heather when I finally do have service and get no response. About 2 hours later finally I find our location. I figured by this point, Heather and Eric had been long gone so I decide to explore this beautiful area alone. Taking my time I begin to hike up the mountain, taking it all in and making the most of it since the shoot didn’t work out. Also, hoping they didn’t think I ditched them! After about 30 minutes of hiking and wandering around the forrest I make it to the top of the mountain. I take it in the view, capture some photos and explore some more. I walk a little further to the other side of the mountain and I notice a couple sitting on a rock overlooking the valley in the distance. I walk up closer to get a look and I simply say, “Heather”.  To my disbelief, they both turn around and it’s them!! I really couldn’t believe they were still there, hanging out on the mountain. I find out that they too, lost reception and got lost on the way. Somehow, after all of this, we still managed to meet up and make this session happen! God is good!! It was a beautiful evening in the mountains and the sunset cast such gorgeous light throughout the skies. We spent the next hour and a half shooting and I’m so stoked it worked out!! Totally not the way we thought but I think even better because it turned into an adventure. This is why I love what we do!


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