“His Love is Wild but steady, His vows are never broken, He always fulfills.” ~unknown



To us, love should always be an adventure, no matter how long you’ve been together. This may be young love, with all the “feels,” or that rich, seasoned relationship established over  a long period of time. It’s charming to witness the emotion between two people, in love and we want to capture it.


So, we’re sort of travel junkies

Recently, we had the opportunity to travel by car from our hometown in Pensacola, FL to the west coast of Portland Oregon and back down. It was such an incredible trip. We explored new places, took in the Grand Canyon and ate some yummy food along the way! Hiking, camping  and just enjoying the outdoors are a few of our favorite things to do, so if you’re planning your Engagement, Wedding, or Elopement in the mountains, forest, or somewhere abroad, we are so down to come along and capture it all. We hope to have an experience with the two of you, and together, create something amazing.


Locations we love to travel to in the U.S

Utah, Oregon,  Washington,  California,  North Carolina, Arizona, so if you find yourselves there drop us a line and maybe we’ll join you.


Locations we’d love to travel abroad

Switzerland, British Columbia Canada, Iceland, Paris, Spain, & of course Italy. If you have the desire to elope or tie the knot in any of these amazing locations, we’d love to come along and capture the adventure.


Our business background & future

Recently, through much heartfelt consideration, we decided to change our business model & name from Mirabel Photography to Love Is Wild Photography. Over the last 10 years we’ve owned and operated Mirabel Photography, based out of the Florida Panhandle. It’s been an amazing journey on every level and we’ve learned so much through it all. We’ve been honored to meet and work with so many wonderful people and some unique, unforeseen opportunities have opened up because of it. God established our business and it’s been a huge blessing to our family, allowing us to spend quality time with our two amazing kids, Asa & Eisley on a regular basis.


Moving in a new direction

Love is Wild Photography, is the result of us moving in a different direction, creatively and personally. Now, our desire is to put our wholehearted efforts toward the things that truly inspire us most in life and to back away from the status quo. Travel and the outdoors are a huge part of who we are already. So much of our passion and inspiration comes by getting outside & exploring new places together. Also, love is our greatest inspiration. We believe deeply in marriage and all that it represents, so by tying these two together, we are excited to make the most of it all, visually & creatively.


New  things

Lastly, education has been a game changer for us, personally as photographers and business owners in this industry. After many years of hard-work and understanding, we hope to offer other photographers/entrepreneurs some of the knowledge we’ve gained over the years through classes and online mentor sessions. We understand the struggles when first getting started as well as the drive to stay motivated after years of labor and would love to help. Be sure to visit our info page for more details.


Josh: 850.696.9558


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