Video Chat: Mentor Session: $125

Schedule an hour with us to ask questions & pick our brains concerning any and all photography related topics. We’ve been in business for a long time and have learned so much over the years. Honestly, we never had anyone freely give us too much insightful information, but we wished we did! This will be a time when you can do just that. We will explain what has & has not worked for us, useful methods that’ve made our ventures successful, creative tips on business model and share what drives us on and inspires us as photographers!


For Photographers: Education and Classes: $125

Whether you are just getting started in photography and you want to lock down the basics, or you are a seasoned photographer who simply wants to grow and further your knowledge and skills on the creative or business side, this is great for you! We can schedule this in person or video chat for a hands on approach to getting the most out of photography! Further your skills in Lightroom, learn all that your camera can do, understand lighting, how to best utilize it, and find out new posing techniques so you aren’t left scratching your head at your sessions!


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