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Hello! We are your trusty wedding photographers, and want to make sure we capture all the right moments on your big day. No need to fret, we’ve got your back with the ultimate Q&A list to help you craft the most stunning love story and make your special day shine. So, let’s get chatting! We’re excited to hear your story! Kindly contact us through our webpage, and we’ll be delighted to bring it to life.



1.) How many shooters will I have at my wedding?

The package you choose will determine the level of service provided. Our Elopement Collections offer the services of 1 photographer. However, our premium package is comprised of 2 skilled photographers, guaranteeing that all your cherished moments are beautifully captured.

Photography Team: Josh & Sara, and sometimes our associate Katie.

2.) What kind of equipment do you use? 

We shoot with all Canon Professional equipment and are always sure to bring back up cameras, lenses, flashes and batteries.

3.) Do you provide a Proofing Gallery? 

Yes, you will choose a password in which  you and friends/family will be able to view your online gallery event.

4.) Can I purchase an Album for my Wedding? 

Yes, we love to personally design albums for our clients and family. When ordering, this can be a lengthier process because images have to be curated and edited beforehand, so it will take at least 6 weeks after the images have been given to our client(s).

5.) Do you travel for destination weddings? 

We take immense pride in serving as your trusted partner in all your travel endeavors. For intimate events, a single skilled photographer is sufficient. However, for larger events, we’ll provide a backup photographer to help capture every detail and ensure that no moment goes uncaptured.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we arrive at out-of-town locations at least a day prior to the event to scout the best locations. Let’s team up and craft some truly epic memories together?

6.) Will all the pictures be retouched or edited and how long does it take before I receive the them?

Yes, you will receive all photos edited and retouched, in high resolution. They’ll land in your inbox six weeks after your wedding or event date.

7.) Will We Meet Our Photographer(s)? 

We take great pleasure in meeting and conversing with our clients, particularly when it pertains to your wedding. We understand how essential it is to feel comfortable in the presence of a camera. A meeting serves as an assurance for both you and us, ensuring that we are an excellent match regarding wedding style and chemistry. Additionally, it provides you with the opportunity to obtain further details regarding your timeline, venue, wedding particulars and what to anticipate on your wedding day. For clients who reside out of town, we can arrange for a FaceTime or Skype consultation.

8.) How many images will I get with my wedding?

You will receive between 200-600 images depending on how much time is purchased.

9.) Do you eat on our wedding day and if so, what?

No need to reserve a spot, we’re flexible on seating. But, we’re all about savoring the yumminess on the menu. After capturing the magic of your wedding day, a tasty treat is always a sweet reward.




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