September Wedding

Details are everything


 Hi there! As your Wedding Photographers, we want you to be prepared and have as much information as you can for your intimate and perfect day, so we’ve created a list of questions that we hope will help! We are excited to meet you and hear your story, so drop us a line on our contact page!



1.) How many shooters will I have at my wedding?

This all depends on which package you pick. Our first Wedding Collection has 1 photographer & the additional collections have 2 photographers.

Photography Team: Josh & Sara, and sometimes our associate Caitlyn.

2.) What kind of equipment do you use? 

We shoot with all Canon Professional equipment and are always sure to bring back up cameras, lenses, flashes and batteries.

3.) Do you provide a Proofing Gallery? 

Yes, you will choose a password in which  you and friends/family will be able to view your online gallery event.

4.) Can I purchase an Album for my Wedding? 

Yes, we love to personally design albums for our clients and family. When ordering, this can be a lengthier process because images have to be curated and edited beforehand, so it will take at least 6 weeks after the images have been given to our client(s).

5.) Do you travel for destination weddings? 

Yes! We love traveling and exploring new destinations with/for our clients!  You may choose to hire just one photographer,  or two, to come alongside and capture your day, depending on how simple or extravagant your wedding might be. Often times, destination weddings or elopements are smaller & more intimate, so just 1 photographer will suffice. We always arrive at an out of town location at least two days beforehand to avoid any travel delays and to scout out the area for shooting locations. Typically, we are able to cover much of the travel cost depending on the event destination.

6.) Will all the pictures be retouched or edited and how long does it take before I receive the them?

Yes, you will receive all photos edited and retouched, in high resolution. The final images will arrive 6 weeks after your event or wedding date.

7.) Will We Meet Our Photographer(s)? 

We are always eager to meet and talk with our clients, especially when it comes to your wedding. We know how important it is to feel at ease in front of the camera. A Meeting assures you and us, that we are a good fit through wedding style and chemistry while giving you the opportunity to receive additional information about your timeline, venue, wedding details and what you can expect on your wedding day. Many of our clients live out of town, so we can always setup a FaceTime or Skype consultation.

8.) How many images will I get with my wedding?

You will receive between 400-700 images depending on how much time is purchased.

9.) Do you eat on our wedding day and if so, what?

We don’t require a seat however, we are happy to enjoy whatever might be on the Menu. We always appreciate something delicious after capturing your beautiful wedding throughout the day.




Josh: 850.696.9558